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Recently Aivars Usans, board member and fellow colleague of Fedemac, asked us to write an article about our YMC organizing committee activities in setting up the YMC conference in Rome in 2010 ….. I immediately had a smile due to the instant flashbacks of the memorable experiences organizing and then attending the conference. Oh, those times! We truly had fun. I truly keep precious memories in my heart.

I had the great pleasure to know Marco & Marie France, Leo and Andrea (respectively of 1877 Stein, Giovaruscio Moving and Global Italy Moving Systems)  over the years We jumped on the occasion of having our beautiful city experienced by other colleagues.
I remember the excitement we all felt as the organizing committee, coming together to make recommendations and deciding on choices together as a team which covered an array of topics starting with hotels, supporting transportation to external entertainment venues and the types of food all the way to the important speakers and guests from our industry who would provide meaningful and impactful subject matter and discussions that were current to our industry.
I will say that the committee meetings, however, were sometimes turning into “small friendly disputes” but if someone was in disagreement on certain choices they had the opportunity to present their ideas in an objective manner which was met with the maximum respect and consideration by the committee and the best ideas were then voted on and approved by all. Everyone understood the importance of the conference and wanted to maximize their individual as well as group exposure from the team efforts. Everyone was on the same level.
Those of us that attended YMC from its inception to now know that it has always been fun. And when you have fun you let yourself go! You are your true yourself so it is easier to make friends for a lifetime. The type of friends that make you feel like you have a home in Europe, no matter what direction you might go in your career in the industry or in life.
What was also incredibly important and rewarding was the Rome YMC organizing committee traveled overseas to meet YP board in USA well in advance of the conference and promoted for the first time our European event prior to making it into an international one as it is now.
Since that moment the YMC has gained the support of the IAM board which continues to enthusiastically support and sponsor the YMC.
Today it is a great pleasure to see all the young people from around the world traveling great distances to again meet and greet old friends while at the same time make new friends that last a lifetime all in the span of 4 days.

Why is YMC different and what have the members excited about participating in the meetings each year?
I think based on the success of past meetings and the impact it has made on each individual attending both from a personal and professional growth standpoint that it has become the venue of choice for the up and coming generation of removalists.
Further what excites this new generation of future leaders in our industry about the YMC unlike the older generation of leaders currently in place is that we have a more relaxed attitude and do not expect luxury hotels, the most expensive restaurants, strict dress codes and formal affairs, fix, structured and strategic meetings to attend. We the new generation who will lead our industry forward enjoy more relaxed, friendly and open venues with industry colleagues mainly from the Operations, Customer Service and sales departments of their respective companies using social media and networking technologies that enhance our ability to truly get to know each other, one by one.
Another great aspect of YMC is the continuous focus on improving and training.  Fedemac, which has become a primary sponsor of the YMC, closely monitored our committee organization in planning the Event in Rome offering guidelines from past experience as well and strongly promoting new learning experiences to be carried during the conference. I can remember FEDEMAC’s direct guidance in proposing such topics as the relocation business, push and pull marketing, company social responsibility using high-profile mentors to assist us as well as present themselves during the venue.
And certainly who can forget our wonderful Peter Pan Denis Caufield with his live comic theater experience during which the actors, taken from the YMC audience, were engaged in role play activities of daily office problems with very difficult clients! The whole exercise was not only a fun learning experience but it had attendees laughing to the point of tears!
I still have some a lot of very funny pictures on my desktop computer as well as my facebook profile that provides me with constant reminders of my own experiences as a member of YMC.

To all the young movers reading this,  I wish to say, “Take the chance, promote your country hosting next YMC conference  and join your colleagues from around the world many of whom you may only know by email or phone voice and those that you have not yet met in our industry and sign up for YMC in order to build a stronger organization having both personal and professional benefits not to mention a lifetime of many unforgettable experiences.”!

Best regards,
Barbara Savelli
FEDEMAC Board Member
Gosselin Mobility Italy SRL

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