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Dear SPEED ADRENALINE addicted friends,

Young Movers Conference in Riga will be within a blink of an eye!
Apart from the official educational program, the conference organizers are developing a lot of fun and team-building activities. Well-well, this is a tricky part of building a team if you want to be the best and only one of the best, but still this is going to be for all and fun for all. Participation, emotions and sharing of memories of together experienced moments are what it makes us closest friends forever.

We have already 55 speed lovers (3 today !!!) booked for go-kart activities with updates. Having known this number of attendees we have set the race plan, what will be shortly agreed with race track operators.

I am sure, many of you at the time booking activity, were curious, what could be the up-date?
To make the most of a day and to get new experience, apart from driving with 9 hp. SR5 go-kart (actually in May track owners will receive brand new go-karts) with the speed of 65 km/h, additionally will be safe-driving competition in the specialized polygon, and fingers crossed, will have driving experience with Mazda MX5 on the sports track.

For the ones, who are still in decision process and haven’t made their mind to push the registration button, or ones who have made up their minds and planning to join the party, but haven’t filled the registration and informed organizers officially about their intention should know, that for go-kart activities will be set the limit of MAX 72 participants, what in simple words means only next 17 will be granted the race driver seat.

I am confident that would be a real disaster to miss what you love.

Your Organizing Committee

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