Meet / Share / Learn / Have Fun Thank You, everyone, for being a part of this amazing event!

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The photos and videos of the event are available on Young Movers Facebook group and FF International Movers page! Feel free to download and share them!

The Organizers have prepared a throwback to the days in Riga with Ultimate YMC 2017 Riga Movie. Enjoy!

Young Movers Conference, an annual event, which this year took a place in the capital city of Latvia – Riga. First time in the Northern Europe and the first time in the Baltic States. From 11th to 13th of May 38 countries gathered together to spend 3 wonderful days and nights in one of the moving industry most waited events.

Each year organization of YMC takes a different country in Europe represented by FEDEMAC. This year the organizers were the direct affiliate of FEDEMAC in Latvia – FF International Movers. YMC is an adventure which main purposes are to educate companies from moving industry, to grow more connections, establish new business relationships and to develop industry as itself. The event where business and entertainment is combined.

We believed we could, so we did!

We encourage companies to take part and be an attendee of YMC. This is very colorful and astonishing event. This is the tradition which has to continue. First YMC took place in 1991 and it has made a great history. Encouraging more people to attend, we believe we can expand this event more – have discussions, invite speakers and professionals from our industry and supporting companies / organizations, recommend a topic to support our industry and associations, grow our own business and after all, make our daily life more gorgeous.

The conference is officially supported by FEDEMAC and IAM.

YMC Riga 2017 was the right place and time to meet with old friends and gain the new. This event is more than just a meeting of industry representatives, making new contacts and long-lasting business relationships, it is also having a lot of fun, learning more and looking to the industry from very different perspective.


The Organizers of YMC 2017 Riga (from left to right) Aivars Usans, Agnija Usane and Ivo Ile expresses their very gratefulness to everyone for their trust, support and amazing feelings we had in this event. It was a very important step in our development. We were able not only to show what Riga has but it strengthen our feeling of one big family. We are so glad that we are a part of it. Together we can do significant things, climb high mountains, reach for unreachable tops and do the most impossible and craziest things ever. Thanks to everyone who made this happen. Thanks to those who trusted and gave in our hand this wonderful task – to organize one of the most expected events of the year – Young Movers Conference. We have an irreplaceable milestone in our life which will stay in our memories, minds and hearts forever. These three days, from 11th to 13th of May, passed so fast. We couldn’t believe that days have crossed and the event is already over. We are living through these moments over and over again. But that’s the thing what makes us alive. The feelings, the emotions, the desire for new adventures, the breathtaking moments and in the end – the satisfaction to see happy people, to be honored and proud of the things we have done. Thankfulness to everyone for Your kind words we have received after the convention. It was really all made for You – to feel in Riga like home, to have the very best from this event, and to enjoy and have a lot of fun. We are convinced that YMC 2017 Riga made some very great contacts, gained new friends and secured the relationships between all of You. This was a wonderful opportunity to meet our sponsors, who have an irreplaceable role in our daily life, opportunity to know better our associations – FEDEMAC & IAM, which stands by our backs all the time and makes us feel more secure, always provides with the necessary and helps in every question that has raised. It was an unforgettable moment to see the enthusiasm in people’s eyes, to see the desire to see and to do more and the very next step we all have taken to develop our big family. A VERY, VERY BIG THANK YOU ALL! Thank You for fulfilling this event with Your being, Your energy, and Your willingness to engage in.

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